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ett ton HCFC-22 kommer att producera runt 0,03 ton HFC-23, och HCFC-22 är en mäktig växthusgas som produceras på bekostnad av alternativ teknik,. Om du letar efter kända märken Zeolite XH-9 molekylsiktdryckmedel i CFC-12 HCFC-22 HCFC-124 för kylningstorkning, välkommen att kontakta CHEMXIN - en  Klortrifluormetan. CFC. CF3Cl. 1. 14,400b. 15 451c. R21. Diklorfluormetan.


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Replacement of the conventional refrigerant HCFC-22 (R22) is one of the urgent issues to be solved within the scheduled time-frame of the international regulation of the HCFCs. Since there exists no pure fluid that can replace R22 in the same general way as HFC-134a (R134a) is a replacement for CFC-12, HFC mixtures are suggested as possible substitutes. The main aim of this work has been to HCFC-22, an ozone depleting substance (ODS), is used extensively in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning, in the extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam industries (dispersive applications) and also as a feedstock in fluoropolymer manufacture (a non-dispersive use). Translations in context of "HCFC-22" in English-French from Reverso Context: Working pressure and compressure ratio are similar to HCFC-22. 2016-05-01 · The HCFC-22 emissions for 2015–2050 were projected under the NMP and MPPO scenarios. Under the NMP scenario, the HCFC-22 emissions would sequentially increase to 312.1 Gg/yr by 2050 and the accumulative emissions would be 7471.4 Gg (298.9 Gg CFC-11-eq and 13,299.0 Tg CO 2-eq).

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Nitrometan. 1,2-Propylenimin. Propylenoxid tert.-Butylamin tert.-Butanol. CFC 11.

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0,8. C2F4Cl2. (CFC-114). 1,0. C2F5Cl 2903 49 11. Klordifluormetan (HCFC-22).

Starting on January 1, 2020, U.S. production and import of HCFC-22 will end. The HCFC-22 phase-out is a part of the EPA’s HCFC phase-out schedule, which the United States agreed to in 1987 as part of the Montreal Protocol. HCFC-22 contributes to depletion of the ozone layer, and its production is scheduled to halt by 2020 in the United States. As HCFC-22 production is phased out, chloroform production is expected to decrease significantly. Many diverse industries have depended on Freon™ 22 (R-22) refrigerant as their go-to hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) cooling product for decades. It's been the most widely used choice for air conditioning (AC) and medium- to low-temperature commercial refrigeration because of its dependability—and because it works. This item: R-22 / R22 / HCFC-22 Refrigerant Labels # 04022 Color Coded Refrigerant ID Labels $10.25 Only 6 left in stock - order soon.
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I EEC användes cirka 70 % av kloroform för tillverkning av HCFC-22 samt 25 % som lösningsmedel år 1991.

Kemisk formel · CHClF2. Molmassa, 86,468 g/mol.
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[1] HCFC‒22 (CHClF 2, chlorodifluoromethane) is an ozone‒depleting substance, the consumption of which is controlled under the Montreal Protocol.Within a Bayesian inversion framework, we use measurements of HCFC‒22 atmospheric concentrations to constrain estimates of HCFC‒22 emissions, at the grid point 3.75°×2.5° and 8 day resolution, from January 1995 to December 2010. Translations in context of "HCFC-22" in Spanish-English from Reverso Context: En pocos enfriadores con compresores centrífugos se empleaba el HCFC-22. Our Book In This HVACR Training Video, I Show the Process of Charging R-22 Refrigerant into an Air Conditioning Unit C 2015-08-13 · R-22, also called HCFC-22, has been a refrigerant mainstay for many years. However, R-22 is now being phased out and non-ozone depleting refrigerant alternatives are being used instead. Ultimately, this will affect the HVAC/R industry in general, and it is definitely relevant information for anyone currently enrolled in refrigeration classes.